Question of Perspective
Question of Perspective
Nadine Godehardt



This work has been mainly produced in the last couple of years. I wrote most of these poems on planes, at airports, on trains, metros or busses, in other words usually when I was moving from one place to some place else. The moving part is quite important when I write. I always like looking out of a window, watching images of a country passing by. It is what makes me think about how I look at the specific country and how I see myself in it. Hence, this work is my way to deal with the many impressions we are facing every day. And it is definetly the fun part of being a researcher where you can go places and sometimes use your time to simply "be" there.

Another big advantage of writing poems or phrases is that they illustrate the hidden dialogue that always takes place when you are somewhere, when you meet someone, when you talk to some one and when you think. As an academic a lot takes place in all kind of dialogue formats and one of the most private ones is the very process of writing which is why a couple of things I am writing and have written represent nothing else than a very private dialogue.




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