Question of Perspective
Question of Perspective
Nadine Godehardt

From West to East

Basically poems that I wrote back in Germany when I was deeply thinking about the "East" or writing on the "Asian region" or watching a Chinese Ballet in Hamburg.


Red Lantern

People talking, driving home
confused, amazed, fascinated
Chinese dancers, many emotions
what happened tonight?

Our beautiful, blue city
welcomes a story of the Far East.

Puzzled by strange feelings


Historical aura encloses us.
Shining colors, Hu's dancers as
representatives of the people?


In perfection and brutality,
Red lanterns swinging like
the sword of Damocles.


Awakening the dream of a

common future – of all fears
one certainty remains.


Understanding through images,

love, passion, desperation, death

So many differences and

one joint mystery – life!



Rain & Tears

Raindrops falling gently

No end in sight

Deep feelings, can’t breathe

Can’t see, all this rain is

Washing away my dreams


Another place so far

My heart aching

Pain keeps me awake

Miss the other side


My soul alone and hurt

So still, no movement

Raindrops everywhere

Blurring away my tears


Kneeling down hardly

No new beginning

Silent tears watching the rain

My heart cries, can’t move

Deeply miss the moment



You & You


This is about you

Out there in the East

My heart waits for you

Close to craziness


Writing about theories,

Discourses, practices,

Regions, actions, states,

And sometimes even China


Thousand words watching

Loneliness meets raindrops

Day dreaming, sleep deprived

Tumbling through the hours


Moments of closure

Where are you?

Hovering in infinity

Embedded in chosen isolation?


Dreaming of writing

Different stories about you

And you and everyone

Waiting in the East


Caught in reality, theories

Potential academic careers

Many noes, few yeses but

My heart only wants you





Geography is destiny

Destiny is a self-fulfilling prophecy

Prophecies are weak

Weakness is human.


Humanity lives in East and West

West thinks bigger than East

East rises higher

Pride goes before a fall.


Fall firstly hits our continent

Continents, ideas made in Europe

Europe too scared of China

China finally changes our world.



Every Day


Feeling a burning fever

deep down - explosion

of eternity I’m waiting


How can I survive?

Watching the sky

Cannot reach the clouds

I’m down here


Every day I’m hoping

to finally see - Passion

and persistence my two

lasting friends say hello


I’m nodding - no voice,

no strength but belief

and a strong heart.

Every day - again!


Copyright by Nadine Godehardt

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