Question of Perspective
Question of Perspective
Nadine Godehardt


A couple of random thoughts put on paper - ongoing process



Do you know who you are talking to?

Sitting and feeling surprised, actually stunned and not able to move

while talking and having the feeling to look into a mirror of unexpected understanding

– impossible but happening and absolutely hitting me.

Cannot finish sentences being afraid of sharing my surprise to the other side

– the many other sides, the one hundred thoughts at the same time

that push me to think forward, backward, in circles

but at least let me think.

Breathing heavily, realizing small things, interpreting, totally irritated

– small things, always, one smile, one question, one sense of common understanding.

It really takes not much but are we still talking?



To whom?!

My heart is yours

Losing it feels like drowning

Giving it to you feels right and wrong

I’m shaking!

It cannot be but it is lost - my heart -  

I feel lonely sitting in a bus

Seeing but not believing

It cannot be, says my mind

Rationality, fixation, standing still, listening to myself

Breathing barely, it cannot be

Where is my heart?

Out there, not listening,

Desperately trying to reach out to you.

You are here, there, where?

My heart hits my stomach

Where am I? Lost, alone, in midst of people

Leaving the bus, staggering,

Not seeing, not believing

Still drowning and catching up.



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