Question of Perspective
Question of Perspective
Nadine Godehardt

Taipei to Tainan

Thoughts from a one day trip from Taipei to Tainan in September 2011

Rolling through this country

that still is not a real one -

beauty touching my heart

in a way seldom experienced.


Green land as far as my eyes

can see. Sunshine opens my

mind for the things that count.

It is one country and

how many interpretations?


For sure it is a landscape

that earns recognition more

than many others.


Lonely people walking through

rice fields, slowly moving

like from a different time.


This country that is not one

is spreading of identity;

it is marked in her face

something one cannot choose

but choose to see.


Wealth is relative, yes.

Perfect streets, no. It is an

Italian style of Asia persuading

us through the clear ‘non-perfection’.


This country that is not one

is embracing into my heart.

Deep down it creates butterflies

in my stomach.


Every inch of it is in

some ways part of my life.

Smelling, feeling the sunshine,

eating the fruits, enjoying the drinks.


Taiwan takes me away from academics.

Seconds. Minutes. Weeks. Dreaming.

It tackles something inside me that is a

long way apart but very beautiful at last.


The island shows how much I’m

linked to Asia, how this is a love that

is by heart not by mind. Emotional,

soft and also far away.


Copyright by Nadine Godehardt

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